We work practically for a world without national borders, a world where no human is illegal!

Banderoll på bro med texten "Freedom to move. Freedom to return. Freedom to stay."

Contact us

Contact the network: [email protected]

Contact Göteborgs asylum group: [email protected]
(För frågor om enskilda ärenden, med mera)

Answering machine: 0704-37 75 24

Facebook: www.facebook.com/imaiGoteborg

Do you need a laptop or a smartphone?

Are you an undocumented person? Do you need a laptop or a smartphone for free? We will help you. Contact the organization Ingen människa är Illegal. Call 0735-926086 and leave a message on our answering machine and we will call you. You can also e-mail us on: [email protected].

We speak Swedish and English.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Itgruppengbg/

Legal advice

Rosenjuristerna is an independent group of lawyers and law students working together giving free legal counselling to undocumented immigrants. Read more at rosenjuristerna.se

Asylrättstudenterna consist mainly of law students and work to engage, mobilize and maintain rights for refugees with the help of education and information. Read more at asylrattstudenterna.se