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Welcome to a website for those who believe that all peoples should be free to roam the world and live wherever they please.

Building with the text 'No borders no nations'

The No One is Illegal Network (Ingen människa är illegal in Swedish) works to provide practical support to peolpe who are forced to live undocumented after having had their applicatsions for asylum refused. We demand permanent right of residence for all people who have arrived in Sweden and wish to remain. We believe in a world without borders, a world where no one is illegal.

The No One is Illegal Network consists of local groups. The local groups are autonomous and organize themselves as they wish according to our manifesto. Activities of the groups may differ a bit but are all related to working practically and politically for the rights of undocumented migrants.

Much work remains to realize everyone’s right to settle anywhere in the world. You can do a lot that is neither hard or difficult. No One is Illegal’s local groups need help with everything from bringing leftover food, accompany someone to the doctor or organize support parties to stop deportations and mobilize for demonstrations and campaigns.

Can you help with something, or do you need help? Contact your nearest group!

The network has an open e-mail list for those who are or want to become a part of movement for asylum seekers and, for example, want to discuss how we create a world without borders where all have the same social, political and economic rights and obligations.

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Independent information for refugees and migrants coming to Europe


The network No one is illegal works practically and politically with refugees´ and migrants’ rights.

Our practical work is to support people who choose to live underground/hidden after having been rejected their application for asylum. This support may be to accompany someone to the doctor, to arrange a place in school for children, to write a new application for asylum, or just to be there as a supporting person when needed. Our work also consists of get left over food to give to the migrants, to assist with legal help and to organize solidarity parties to get money for food and rent.

No one is illegal work politically with lifting the issue of asylum seekers and undocumented migrants´ rights. We do lectures at schools and other places on the migrants´ situation and on our work. We are involved in blockades when deportations are to be done and we work in campaigns and networks working for migrants´ rights, such as Flyktinggruppernas and asylkommitéernas riksråd (FARR), Flyktingamnesti 2005 and Asylrörelsen 2008.

The network’s work has many aspects and all who, on the basis of network’s manifesto, would like to take part in this work are more than welcome!

Fika and a sign that says 'Ingen människa är illegal'


The earth belongs to all of us. We each have the right to free movement across its lands and to settle wherever we please. According to the principle ”From each according to his ability, to each according to her need”, we are entitled to equal access to the worlds land and resources once we do so with with care and respect in mind.

The No one is illegal network does not accept the legitimacy of national borders and merely acknowledges them as political constructions to which neither moral justification or an interest in their upholding exists. A person born in one place has no more claim on it than anyone else. It is not sufficient however that these ideas remain as visions. An attempt must be made at their realisation.

We do not recognise any countries, organizations or individuals entitlement to in any way restrict free movement of people across borders or to label them ”illegal” migration. The right to freedom of movement is to us inseparable from the right to participate in society under equal conditions. Until borders have been abolished, we therefore also work for universal social, political and economic rights and conditions for all people, with or without papers.

We oppose all political attempts to use immigration as a tool for the undermining of wage levels and social safety nets within a state’s borders, for example, the forcing of recently immigrated people to work in conditions worse than those of the rest of the population.

The No one is Illegal network claim the right and responsibility of all people to actively participate in the construction of a just society. Real democracy and radical change can only be built from below. Our network therefore operates outside the parlimentary process. We strive to make decisions and take action in our own names and not in anyone elses and to avoid any of us assuming authority over anyone else in the network.

It is fundamental for our work that we pay attention to and counter the effects of the different power structures based on sex, class, sexuality, ethnicity and functionality that already exist in society. We see ourselves as a part of the global movement has been fighting for a long time for freedom, solidarity and an equal distribution of world resources – against all forms of authority.

No one is free until we are all free!

The No one is illegal network fight for these ideas by: