Statement from refugees in Germany: Stop the camp system!


Against inhumanity! Stop the camp system! We´re refugees, not prisoners! Gegen die Unmenschlichkeit! Stoppt das Lager System! Wir sind Geflüchtete, keine Gefangene!

are refugees from different countries, who are all facing the same
problems. We are living in the „AEO" camp in Bamberg. We were searching
for protection and a life in peace. But what we are facing is no life at
all. This is why we stand up – against the inhumanity and harassment in
the Bamberg Lager system. On Wednesday 17th January 2018 we are going
out and taking our demands on the streets. Our demand is for a life in
dignity. We are calling for all inhabitants of the AEO Bamberg, as well
as groups and individuals to join us in solidarity for this peaceful
demonstration through the town of Bamberg.

Our situation is this:
We arrive in Bamberg traumatised and exhausted of long and dangerous
travels. We are given no time arrive, we are immediately sent to a
comission to be interviewed. One week later most of us receive a
negative decision. From that moment on we are in fact  imprisoned. Our
documents are taken, all we get is a camp card, printed on a white sheet
of paper. Even our German asylum seeker documents or our Duldung, if
somebody had those before, are taken away.

After a negative
asylum decision, we receive no money any more. Not even young mothers
are getting one cent: They get no baby food nor can afford to buy some.
We are not allowed to work or to leave Bamberg. Our children do not get
access to school or education, because they get a negative decision as
soon as their parents do. We are not allowed to study German.
Nevertheless we have to stay here for months, even for years. Some are
here for 24 months already. The camp security is harassing and using
violence against us – and we get charged by the police and courts. The
police can come at any moment – to search our rooms or to take one of us
for deportation. Nobody can live like this!

When we escape and
leave to another country we are brought back to the Bamberg camp,
because our fingerprints are here and Germany asks to bring us here. But
if Germany does not want us, then please let us go to another country
which repects our rights. Germany is not the only country in Europe!

are tired of this camp. We cannot live like this – not even one more
day. We are treated like prisoners, not like refugees. We will not
accept this any longer!  We were searching for protection, but we still
have to fight for our right to live in peace and freedom. There is no
justice to us –  our struggle just continues. We will take our protest
to the streets – and we will not stop it, until our situation is

We demand:

1. Many of us are here without any German Ausweis, only the white camp card: We need a German Ausweis and the right to work

Schooling is a universal right of every child in the world: Our
children need to go to school – and we adults also need to study

Many of us are denied the basic financial support that is guaranteed by
the German constitution – even young mothers do not get one cent for
baby food. We need a basic financial livelihood

4. We stay here for months, some even 24 months: We need transfers! Shut down the Bamberg AEO-Lager! No Lager nowhere!  

5. We need proper medical care

6. The constant harassment and inhuman treatment of us refugees needs to stop (by securities, administration and others)

7. The women need their own spaces of privacy and safety

8. No deportations, Dublin or other

9. Stop racism

will not watch anymore how we are chased, harassed and finally
deported. We escaped from that: persecution, torture, poverty and war.
We will not go back. We will fight for that right to live – and to be
treated like human beings! We are here – and we will stay!